Bible become too old fashioned?

Being raised in christian family by godly mother. I can not imagine a day without family prayer or reading Bible together. So its deep in my head that I have to read Bible everyday. Its like oxygen for my soul. 

Speaking about people my age. I noticed they like posting different verses from Bible in social media. But when you ask what did you read today? You hear silence. Recent studies “Life Way Research” showed that only 45% of those who attend church read Bible more than once a week. About 40% read the Bible less often – once or twice a month. One of the five asked admits that he don’t read Bible at all. What a sad statistics I have to say.

What I wish that we stimulate each other reading Bible. Write down question you have when you read Bible and discuss them with your friends, parents or leaders. Underline and write comments next to verse. Do not be afraid of making your new Bible used! More you will know Bible more it will change your life. It’s so amazing to know better the One you are living for. It’s already a blessing!

¨This book will keep you away from sin,
or sin will keep you away from this book.¨


6 thoughts on “Bible become too old fashioned?

  1. A Christian can’t grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord if they don’t read and discuss what He has said to us! Sad statistics indeed…a very needful post. Good job.



    1. Great article Elihu! So true that people find time to read bestsellers instead of eating or using social media.. but can not find time for Bible..


  2. The Bible is my manna, the air I breathe, life itself. Just as Jesus said there is life in his blood. ..the same is true of His Word – the scriptures. Our roadmap and instruction manual!


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