my very limited Christian liberty


I need limits! I came to this decision after looking at my life. Now Im realising this more and more. After we moved to another country where I don’t know anyone at first I felt like ¨yay I can do whatever I want¨. I have no church and nobody will judge me. But after while I understand that I continued to live by the rules of which I lived in my home country. Because these rules are based on Gods words. God gave me liberty but as human being I need limits. Bible says :

 ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. Galatians 5 :13

God does not hold us. He gives us absolute liberty to choose whatever we want. But He left instructions in Bible how to choose right. But we as a human being like to interpret Bibles limits as we like. Recently I’ve read statement ¨ When gay marriage is brought up Christians that smoke, drink, curse and have premarital sex are suddenly concerned with what the bible allows ¨.
000-1And I could not be more agreed with it. That is absolutely truth. We have changed Bible to the one we can ¨understand easily¨. We like preachers who can make us feel that it is normal to drink, curse, lying, or teach our children non-christian basis with Bible words. And after when we face the results of our actions we complain on God and people. But this is only the consequence of our freedom without God.

I often stand before decisions that will impact my life. And I remember

¨And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus¨ Colossians 3 :17

After thinking ¨If this will glorify God¨ ¨Will God be proud of me¨ ¨What would Jesus do¨. I see the problem being solved! But when I think ¨What is going to be after¨, ¨I know many Christians who does this and worse¨ ,¨Even king David sinned¨ and so on. And I chose wrong. After time I regret so much for decision I made based on my opinions. I have much more problems but I have to pay for the wrong decision I made myself.

I see many of us Christians that confused in their priorities. It is normal to dream about and work hard for wealth, luxury, leisure, and financial security, as if these things are the highest good and the ultimate goals of life. But not many can combine this with hard work and dreams about serving God. Because this is the only reason we are on this planet ¨ to glorify God ¨.

If we let God rule our life it gets so obvious that our Christian liberty is actually very limited. Many Christians forgot that we have been set free from sin, but “have become slaves to God.” as Paul writes in Romans 6:22. As a human being I don’t want anyone telling me what to do or how to live my life. I don’t want anybody to limit my freedom. And I am free, but I do need limits to do only God’s will. I can do whatever I want to do but only if it’s God’s will.


17 thoughts on “my very limited Christian liberty

  1. Amen! I’ve lived for the Lord and for myself….The Lord’s way always win out, now! He gives the peace that passes understanding, Joy unspeakable, Comfort beyond measure, and Hope that is everlasting!
    Me? Ugh, just darkness….


  2. I don’t think the problem is directly related with particular Bible versions…but the sin of Acedia is rampant! Part of the problem is that we moved away from being a religion of disciples in order to appeal to the masses of the Roman Empire. If you take a panoramic view of today’s Church- it will be easy to see that we’re just 1 generation away from being completely irrelevant. We need to return to discipleship.

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      1. I have never stated the contrary. You mentioned the various Bible translations as a symptom of the problem in the Church? I simply stated my opinion in regards to that- while pointing out that the main problem in the Church is the sin of Acedia.


    1. Pastor Juan Rivera, Im sorry I answered you in rush. I absolutely agree with you that we need to return to discipleship. I wrote that incorrect Bible translations is one of reasons. I can not agree with you that the main problem in the Church is the sin of Acedia. Maybe its one of problems. But we all look at what we see and make conclusions. For me I see superbia, invidia, luxuria and acedia.

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      1. You are a wonderful, Christian thinker…and I encourage you to continue on this journey. You have a great future as a writer…and especially, in re-discovering the essence of Christian discipleship. Please stay in touch…great changes happening in my life right now. God bless you- AND LETS NETWORK. ;-)


  3. It is only when we fully understand that we are only here to worship Father God that we can truly say that the world means nothing to me. I believe that if the bible says it then god means it; not man’s thoughts on what the bible says but what God is actually saying. Bless You


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