to be content.

Whtree_gree_forest_retro_nature_hd-wallpaper-1754323y do so many people absessed with being like rest of the world.  Well at least like people they know or the ones that succeeded in something. Why do people are so afraid of standing out? Look at me. My life is not similar to lives of most people my age. Im 26 . Unmarried and no kids. I don’t have house or car. I don’t even have a normal job. Helping disabled brother is not a dream job I guess. I don’t go on holidays or business trips. I can continue for quite a bit the list of what I dont have. But what I have is more important to me. I am a Christian! I was birn in place where I can freely confess God. I can tell people about God and nobody pursues me. I have the most amazing family that loves me and I love them.  Im not suffering any pain . I can move, talk and eat! I have enough food and clothes! This is great! Dont you think?


Maybe for somebody my life is quite different. God gave me this life. He could send me to be born as a billionaire. But He didnt. He gave me this life. Maybe sometimes its full of tears and prayers. But I feel happy. I can be defined by what I have because my profits are nonmaterial.

Recently I was talking with one friend. We are not very close. And she was like « What? You live in France? Why dont you post pictures in instagram or facebok?? » You see. She didnt care what church I attend or did I meet new people. She was wondering about my gainings from moving to France. Her life is showed in social media. And I dont judge her. I have social media accounts and post stuff like 10 times a year. I think its a great tool to connect people that are separated with great distances. But some people use it to show every little detail of their life. Rejoice to every “Like” or “Share” try to get more followers. As for me I dont want to be measured by followers or likes. I dont need to prove someone that I have beautiful life. I dont need to prove online or between people that Im valued. Because my values are hard to fit in a picture.

Blessings to you.

18 thoughts on “to be content.

  1. You have the essence of Christianity down pat. You actually inspire me. I also wonder the same thing, but I remember Lot’s wife view (looking back) at the world. Sanctification is the true testament of one who has become Christian–A good tree cannot bear bad fruit. Psalm One 1-9 says it best. Continue to be a great voice for God Julia, the Lord is watching.


    1. Thanks Jermaine! I actually delited almost half of this post because it was too personal. I believe if Christian is not satisfied with life then its a sign of faith problems. Im not very inspiring person :) Im quite a simple person.
      Blessings to you!

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      1. You’re awesome and quite inspiring actually. I love your piece on alcohol a few weeks back. You are doing God’s work here. Your story is inspiring and you have the mindset of Paul in Philippians. Good Job! The Lord is proud of you.

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  2. I love the way you count your blessings, Julia! The apostle Paul said he had learned to be content in both good times and bad. For he knew that his treasures were laid up in heaven and not on this earth! Good for you that you model this maturity in Christ!



    1. Thanks Steve! the scripture I thought of after posting this was “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroy, and where thieves do not break in nor steal.” from Matthew 6:20

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      1. This is a very good verse to make the point of valuable possessions and blessings. Consider it added to your post!

        Enjoy your evening, Julia…


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  3. How true! I have been blogging since 2009 and still have not made any money! Lol According to the rest of the world, I am a failure. But I have such peace as I share insights on my blogs in my quiet writing room…a former nursery! My friends tell me how much they are encouraged by my posts and I know the retirement benefits are out of this world!


    1. I read your blog and I love it! Im shy to tell my frends that Im writing a blog because I dont even call myself blogger :) Im just a girl who puts some of her thoughts on this page :) God bless you to continue!

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      1. Link your blog to your Facebook page. That way your family and friends can read it if they like. There’s no pressure, on your part. I am amazed at the ones who get the most out of my posts. You just never know!

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