Homosexuality is the end of our civilization.


I never thought that this will worry me. But I can not stay calm seeing immorality being promoted in the world I live. Homosexuality. I can not understand people who actually support it. Cant they see that this is the end of our civilization?! One of the main objectives of homosexuality is to decrease birth rate. You might say No! «Partners» (I can not call them family) ready to grow children. Really? How many 1 or 2?

If our parents generation goal was to change and make world nicer. The current generation is worried about all the “rights” being respected. They make these rights and do not care what are the consequences of these rights.

The world cries out that it is necessary to legalize homosexual marriages. Hey wait! Ive looked only at America. You know its really huge and you will not believe it’s not even 5% of all people! I don’t see so many people who want to be them, but I can see how much the idea of homosexuality imposed to the younger generation. So why dont we legalize marriages with children or people and animals, people and things at the end? Let’s start making films about how nice to have 11 year old husband or wife. We will do advertisement,  write books and songs about it. I think we will find the same number of people supporting the idea. And maybe more the question of how well we will bring this idea to people!

Have you seen animals creating a family with individuals of same sex? Because its against the laws of nature. The lion knows that with another lion he can not have children! So he is looking for a lion of the opposite sex. Animals know that with the same sex there can not be a family! and that’s normal. If all cats become gay they will become extinct! Yes. maybe they will live 100-200 years while some children will be born. but the more homosexuality will be propagated among cats faster they will die. People look at animals! They are perfect example.

Bible says clear enough about this in Genesis 1:27-28 «So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.»

I know that islam is not religion of God. But one of the bases of this religion is family. For them normal family – father, mother and children! This is something that many in this world forgot. Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in islam. And what many Сhristians dont want to admit that God strictly forbids homosexual relationships. I see many Сhristians support the idea that God loves all people. Yes He does. But God is also holy, strict and does not love sin.


Men is the aim of devil. Yes, homosexuality begins from men. The Bible clearly says that men is in the head of family. Women follow men. Therefore men is always the aim of devil.

“But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” 1Corinthians 11 :3

If about some things in Bible you can find different explanations. About gays it says clearly and straight. Sodom and Gomorrah is a prime example of homosexual city. Homosexuality is directly referred as a “serious” sin. And we all know what happened to this city. Why are we breaking the law of God and then we are surprised when He sends an earthquake or flood.

My hands are shaking as I write this but this is not a thought of one day. This disease is spreading like a plague. I feel sorry for those people who consciously go to hell. But my heart aches for those who are seduced by tv/advertising/cinema/music and without knowing the the truth go to hell.

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 

Corinthians 6 :9-10

I believe that all who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior can defeat any sin including homosexuality.


24 thoughts on “Homosexuality is the end of our civilization.

  1. All sins have their consequences and God knows that. He will not forbid something that is good for us. Homosexuality is sin and it will always be no matter how many people support it. It takes courage to write things like this. Kudos!


  2. Wow. This statement is a bold one; you are showing more boldness that many preachers in America. Really enjoy reading your posts.



  3. Wow….you hit the nail on the head!
    Thanks for saying it as it is. A lot of people are so worried about “rocking the boat”.
    God bless!



  4. While I agree with you in what you wrote here in principle, we must also be careful not to place 1 sin above another. Paul lists gossipping, and slander, and drunkness, and a whole list of other things in his !ist right along with homoseuality as sin just the same. Since Christ came to free us from the law we must do the same. The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality but it in fact is Holiness. We also as new covenant believers are to follow Christ examples not in making judgment on those bound but if they are a believer we speak truth to them in loveas Christ did, as Paul did, as Peter did as all the apostles. Remember that Christ called the religious people of His day whitewashed tombs and vipers. He said to the woman caught in adultery ” where are your accusers? I will not accuse you go and sin no more” A non believer can not be judged by us who believe because God is the only judge. We are called to show them the love of Christ and help them find Christ and once they come to Him we guide them to want to be free we do this in love.

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    1. Every well put. We often forget that Christ’s puprose was to free us from the bonds of sin, not throw them on others when we remove them. It’s hard reading and hearing Christians say harsh things when it is not their place to say. It doesn’t make a martyr out of a Christian to judge someone else and then be bashed for it.

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  5. When we understand the context of the early church, I think there is a lot to be encouraged by. The cultures the earliest disciples and Paul were traveling to to share the Gospel were at least as sexually confused as the West currently is. Prostitution, sexual slavery, using children for sexual gratification, parades celebrating sexual organs, all this was present in the culture that Paul lived in and wrote the letters on Christian living to. The thing that made the difference was the teachings of and belief in Jesus Christ. Jesus heals the deep wounds of every person, and out of that new health and restoration, we see SYMPTOMS of brokenness, like same-sex attraction, gender confusion, lying, cheating, gossiping, being judgmental, anger, etc healed. Jesus changes everything!

    P.S. Thanks for the like on my page.


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    1. There is one difference between our culture and the one Paul lived in. We have known the truth and turned away from it; Paul experienced a culture that had never known the truth in the first place. The Bible says that those who knew the truth and rejected it are judged more severely than those who never knew the truth in the first place.


      1. That’s a good point, Clyde. But, I don’t know if Western culture has every really dealt with these issues of sexuality. Rather, the people who struggled with it still did so, just could never talk about it openly and receive grace, truth, and healing. It was still a subset of society, just not endorsed openly. All that has changed is it’s openly endorsed and is probably increasing because everyone is looking for reasons to tell a confused kid they are born gay, etc.


  6. I gotta agree with leftnfree and Jennifer. We’re all broken and on the same playing field. It’s good to be aware of our surroundings and the things that hurt us, but each individual is harmed by things more or less in certain ways, some ways more than others. God knows this, and He guides us exactly to where we need to be, even if that means walking through sin with us to see holiness on the other side.

    He walks through this sin with us not because He enjoys sin — quite the opposite — but He loves us so much that He’s willing to die AND rise again just so He can be with us, and have us with Him.

    Holiness is important to God, but He was willing to break His -own- holiness by sending His perfect, holy Son to die and rise again on a cross. He was willing to become sin, so we could know Him as He originally planned. This tells me that love is more important than holiness. In fact, true love incorporates holiness, because both are perfect.

    Who are we to judge one another, when we’re all in this same boat?

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  7. I see the place western civilization finds itself in is a very natural byproduct of post-modernism and humanism. Those who embrace this worldview relish the ideal of “self-determination”. I think homosexual expression sort of encapsulates this in that it excludes one gender. It is “self-determining” rather than “other-determining”. The question it brings up in me is this: Can a human being simultaneously be a giver and receiver?


  8. In 1947 Dr Carle Zimmerman produced a work called Family and Civilisation. He explored the link between family breakdown and general morality with the collapse of ancient civilisations. He identified certain characteristics of great civilisations which collapsed.

    1: Marriage lost sacredness, divorce, alternative forms of marriage.

    2: Feminism / women lost interest in being mothers and sought personal power.

    3: Parenting increasingly difficult / lack of respect from children was common.

    4: Adultery celebrated

    5: Increased tolerance of homosexualility, sex related crime became rife.

    Dr Zimmernan’s conclusions merely verify God’s standards and teach us that what we sow we reap. Paul’s description of the Roman World in Romans 1 depicts a society ripe for God’s judgement. The principles behind Sodom’s destruction remain alive in the ethos of God. Did someone not say that if God does not deal with this decadent Western Society He will have to apologise to Sodom? Yet He remains merciful but repentance is required. The state of our nations should drive us to our knees beseeching God for a revival and a Godly fear to fill our peoples.

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