Marriage of convenience by Martin Luther

Martin Luther known as great German reformer. Luther’s translation of the Bible has played an important role in forming national German language. He was a supporter of moderate burgher Reformation. According to his views, the source of religious truth is not “sacred tradition” but the Gospel itself. These requirements put conflict between early bourgeois ideology with the ideology of the feudal and church. Luther opposed the doctrines expressing the material interests of the German burghers, criticized the theory of natural law, the idea of early bourgeois humanism, principles of free trade. But nobody knows that behind half of his life stands a … Continue reading Marriage of convenience by Martin Luther

To search God like Troy

     Usually I don’t have time to watch movies. And cinema nowadays full of corruption, dirty words and immorality. But my brother just made me to watch «The Hunt for Troy» movie. Knowing that from archaeological view it has a lot of fiction. I didn’t expect much from this movie. But the way Heinrich Schliemann searched Troy has impressed me. This man has inspired me.      His life goal was to find this nonexistent city of Troy. He never seen but believed in existence. He believed that so much that days and night his thoughts were around it. During the … Continue reading To search God like Troy

Not another Josh Duggar post

When I first saw Duggar family reality show.  I was really happy that they did it. Knowing from my personal experience what it’s like to be “from” big family. Each time at school you start calling names of your brothers and sisters and they look at you as if you are from other planet. Same at university or work. I know how your neighborhood speak behind your back that having big family is too noisy or “let’s see what they will grow into”.  Oh I know what it’s like to be from big family.. I’ve seen only several series on YouTube.  Mostly … Continue reading Not another Josh Duggar post