To search God like Troy

     Usually I don’t have time to watch movies. And cinema nowadays full of corruption, dirty words and immorality. But my brother just made me to watch «The Hunt for Troy» movie. Knowing that from archaeological view it has a lot of fiction. I didn’t expect much from this movie. But the way Heinrich Schliemann searched Troy has impressed me. This man has inspired me.      His life goal was to find this nonexistent city of Troy. He never seen but believed in existence. He believed that so much that days and night his thoughts were around it. During the … Continue reading To search God like Troy

Turia Pitt

In 2011 beautiful Turia Pitt was an Australian mining engineer, model and marathon runner. That year has changed her life a lot. She was trapped by a grass fire in a 100 kilometre ultra-marathon, and suffered burns to 65 per cent of her body. Her life did not end at that. Now she became to be known as one of Australia’s most inspirational and courageous people. Turia is famously known to be an inspirational and motivational speaker, author and soon be wife of her fiance Michael Hoskin. Michael, when CNN asked if there was a time, that he thought of leaving her and submit Pitt to … Continue reading Turia Pitt