A post you won’t like

I know most of you will disagree with me on this post. Well sorry. “Drinking alcohol is not a sin if you don’t get drunk. I don’t drink more than 2 bottles of beer”. I heard this again. And again from a Christian. And again I disagree. This makes me thinking. Maybe I was trained wrongly. Maybe its normal to drink beer several times a week or sometimes drink strong alcoholic drinks. As a Christian that live by word of God. I went straight to Bible to find the answer. I kept digging in Bible to find answers. So this is … Continue reading A post you won’t like

We have same God?

Are we believing in same God? Eventually I realized that with some Christians we have different imagination of God. We used to think that God is good. God loves us all. Many christian speakers shout about Gods love. God is so kind He is like a grandfather that is smiling and sitting on a cloud. Another popular saying is that God is your friend. He is everywhere with you. Well for me its hard to imagine God walking with half-naked women or sitting in a bar with cigarette and beer. When I read the book Revelation I also can not … Continue reading We have same God?

Why I absolutey disagree with nowadays worship

We live in a world where people want to be amazed. As they go to shopping center, school or church. advertisers work to get people’s attention. As marketer I have to say that its pretty hard. Public is so full of everything. They just ignore normal stuff because it’s not modern or not enough innovation. The same happens to church. Leaders try to make building comfortable for listening. Pick most interesting themes for sermons. Invite different pastors for the parishioners not to be bored from listening same voice. And worship? It’s not easy too. How can we get people’s attention? Because you … Continue reading Why I absolutey disagree with nowadays worship

Bible become too old fashioned?

Being raised in christian family by godly mother. I can not imagine a day without family prayer or reading Bible together. So its deep in my head that I have to read Bible everyday. Its like oxygen for my soul.  Speaking about people my age. I noticed they like posting different verses from Bible in social media. But when you ask what did you read today? You hear silence. Recent studies “Life Way Research” showed that only 45% of those who attend church read Bible more than once a week. About 40% read the Bible less often – once or … Continue reading Bible become too old fashioned?

Turia Pitt

In 2011 beautiful Turia Pitt was an Australian mining engineer, model and marathon runner. That year has changed her life a lot. She was trapped by a grass fire in a 100 kilometre ultra-marathon, and suffered burns to 65 per cent of her body. Her life did not end at that. Now she became to be known as one of Australia’s most inspirational and courageous people. Turia is famously known to be an inspirational and motivational speaker, author and soon be wife of her fiance Michael Hoskin. Michael, when CNN asked if there was a time, that he thought of leaving her and submit Pitt to … Continue reading Turia Pitt

Hillsong. God is coming.

¨Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly are a proudly-out homosexual couple¨. As I read post about gay and lesbians people in church of Hillson. With fear I remember the time when as a teenagers we listened to ¨how great is our God¨. And my mother used to say that something is wrong with that music. The spirit is different. At age of 14 I completely disagree with her.. but now I can not be more agreed. Hillsong churches are one of biggest in USA, Australia, Ukraine, England. A church of 7 000 people is like a dream to those who are … Continue reading Hillsong. God is coming.

a faithful morning to you!

As I woke up this morning I felt so light. You know these days when you feel good for no reason. Even when your life is like a big question mark. You want to go and meet all problems with completely calmness. Then I went to pray and read psalm 139. Yesterday my mother wished it to me. Its an amazing one from first to last verse. This psalm show how great is our God! How big is His power! Im ready to receive whatever He sends me in this day. I believe Him! Continue reading a faithful morning to you!